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Kreyos Meteor Smartwatch – voice controlled

Many analysts have said that 2014 will be the year of the smartwatch, but I am still have my doubts. Most people who wear watches do so out of the love of swiss engineering, or because they want to show off a fancy design. The latest smartwatch to hit the net is the Kreyos Meteor which is currently being funded through Indiegogo.

One of the main selling points for the latest smartwatches is the ability to leave your phone in your pocket and to use the smartwatch to control it, via your wrist. The Meteor offers hands free control over Android, iOS and Windows Phones and it features a built in speaker and microphone.

You can make calls, answer calls, reply to text messages, write and answer emails and even post to social networks – all from the comfort of your wrist. Voice control and gesture control are supported into the operating system. There is a three axis gyroscope built into the watch and you can tune the Meteor to your own responsive patterns via different gestures. The guys in control of the project say that by simply flicking your wrist right you can skip a music track for instance.

Kreyos say that the Meteor is the only smartwatch to feature voice and gesture controls. The watch can be worn on your wrist with a strap or place on a belt, like ermm, a phone? They even offer a lanyard, so you can hang it around your neck.

There will be various colours offered, including pink, white, black and lime. There are 20 watch faces going to be offered as well and more planned for the future. Fancy a change? then they can be swapped out.

The smaller guys are trying to get these smartwatches out to market as soon as possible, before the big players like Apple and Samsung unleash their own models.

Right now you can back the smartwatch on Indiegogo, if you pay $95 you get to own one, with the retail price set at $169 later. Once they pass their funding goal the watch should be available in November 2013. The campaign is set to end on August 8th.

You can see more about the Kreyos Meteor smartwatch over here.

Kitguru says: We can’t see people trading in their Rolex for one, but they may target the younger audience who just love to play with gadgets.

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