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Lenovo dominating PC market in 2012

The Lenovo group has taken the mantle for world's largest PC maker by shipments for the first time ever. A number of factors could figure into their increased sales, but at the heart of it all, they do actually make very good systems.

We have reviewed many of their laptop systems in the last year and the recent release of their ThinkPad X1 Carbon is sure to delight a number of business users who crave a well built, durable and attractive laptop for traveling.

Their chief executive Yang Yuanquing said in a statement “Becoming the clear leader in global PC share of course remains one of Lenovo’s aspirations, but it also only represents one more milestone in our journey as a company and our mission to become the leader in the PC+ era. This includes PCs, tablets, smartphone, smart TV, cloud and enterprise computing.”

To expand their potential audience, the company are also releasing a series of mobile gadgets such as the ThinkPad Tablet 2. They also created a new business unit to focus on tablets, smartphones and Internet connected smart TV's. They are spending around $800 million on a new facility in China to develop and produce mobile products.

Gartner claim that Lenovo hold a 15.7percent share of the global PC market in the third quarter, with 13.77 million units shipped. They have overtaken Hewlett Packard, who claimed 15.5percent of the market.

Lenovo are taking the good news in a rather modest manner, acknowledging that IDC data is different from Gartner. IDC data claims that Lenovo haven't quite overtaken HP at the top spot yet. IDC claim Lenovo have 15.7 percent, while HP have 15.9 percent.

They said in a statement “The difference between IDC and Gartner numbers is largely based on how the two firms calculate numbers for certain products.”

Kitguru says: No matter how you look at it, Lenovo are one of the few success stories this year.

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