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PC sales to decline this year, first time in 11 years

PC sales have not been strong all year and a study shows that out of the top four vendors, only Lenovo are showing an increase. PC Shipments are expected to drop 1.2% from last year, dropping from 2011's 352.8 million units to 348.7 million units.

Many people hope that sales will increase with the upcoming release of Windows 8.

Q3 reports show that sales are weak and analysts are predicting the worst year of sales since 2001. Windows 8 will be available on October 26th however some analysts are unsure whether the new operating system can drive enough sales.

The economic climate is one of the main factors when looking at poor sales figures. Many people are cutting back on technology goods, using older computers happily until the economic downturn improves. Others are happy with the computer they bought a few years ago, spending their limited budgets on smartphones and other gadgets.

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Kitguru says: Have you bought a PC this year? Or are you planning to buy one when Windows 8 is released? let us know.

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