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Lenovo release new long life Yoga Android tablets

Lenovo are releasing a new range of Yoga tablets using the Android 4.2 operating system. The Android version won’t flip and fold like the Windows version, but it can be used in three different modes.

The new Yoga tabletshave a kickstand and cylindrical bulge, meaning they look different to many tablets currently available on the market. The new 8 inch and 10 inch Yoga tablets can be used in ‘hold’, ’tilt’ and ‘stand’ mode. Lenovo say they are easier to hold due to the cylinder on one side. Tilt mode is when the kickstand is popped out and the tablet is set on the surface at a lower horizontal angle. Stand mode is when the kickstand is shifted to prop the device up at a higher vertical angle.

While this isn’t particularly new (most tablets have a folder cover or stand you can buy to offer the same functionality), the cylinder does have an extra feature. Lenovo have included an additional battery inside the cylinder which gives it some incredible battery life. The company say it will last for 18 hours, which looks to be a new record breaker, if accurate.

Both of these models have 1280×800 displays, which seems moderately disappointing in today’s climate, especially as more manufacturers are aiming for 1080p or higher. This translates to 189 pixels per inch in the 8 inch model, and only 149 pixels per inch in the 10.1 inch version. When you look at the iPad Air which offers 264 pixels per inch and the Retina iPad Mini with 326 pixels per inch it seems Lenovo aren’t chasing the brand leaders.

Lenovo have also opted to use Mediatek Quad Core processors, to keep down the costs. The 8 inch model is listed at $250 and the 10 inch model only $300.

Kitguru says: low cost with high battery life will appeal to many people.

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