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Microsoft aim to drive Surface tablet sales via retail

I am a very happy owner of the Surface tablet, although sales figures don't seem to be going quite as well as Microsoft would have wanted. In the efforts to drive more, they are expanding their US operation to include Staples and Best Buy.

The company announced this move and has hinted that they may push it through retail outlets in the United Kingdom.

The current Surface tablet runs the RT version of Windows 8, a specially designed architecture for ARM processors. The retail chain has already said that Microsoft have halved the number of Surfaces that it ordered. Data browsing information from Chitika said that they have a tiny ‘share of the tablet browsing market in America.

That said, Microsoft have recently said they are increasing production for the Surface. Sales can be blamed on the fact that Microsoft are only offering the tablet through their own online stores in a handful of countries worldwide. Obviously ebay has seen a high volume of units available, often at cut price deals too compared to the official stores.

Microsoft have quietly indicated that UK audiences may see the Surface in retail chains locally “Surface will continue to be available for purchase at all Microsoft retail stores in the United States and Canada and online in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. Based on the success of the Microsoft holiday stores, the company will extend all of these locations into the new year. These stores will transition into either permanent brick-and-mortar retail outlets or specialty store locations.”

Microsoft are planning on selling the ‘Pro' versions of the Surface in 2013, featuring Intel processors. Pricing looks to alienate a wide audience however, as prices will jump from $499 to $899. This version of the tablet will however run a much wider portfolio of applications.

Kitguru says: Will Microsoft be able to drive more sales? We hope this won't end up a flop for the company

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