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Microsoft beat quarterly projections thanks to X360

While many companies struggle, Apple and Microsoft are continuing to make very healthy profits. Microsoft reported very strong quarterly financial estimates, helped by Office software and the sales of Xbox 360 consoles.

Microsoft reported an eight percent growth in revenue, taking in $17.4 billion. Profit increased by four percent, totaling $6.2 billion.

While the figures are very positive, in other areas, the corporation seem to be struggling. The Online Services division are reporting growing losses, losing $728 million on revenues of just $662 million.

Microsoft CEO: Steve Ballmer

Additionally, analyst reports indicate that the Windows division reported a loss with revenue dropping by a single percentage point. This is in contradiction to PC sales which rose two percent overall.

Office sales were over 100 million, which has helped the company dramatically, gaining sixteen percent for the financial year.

The real star of the show however was the Xbox 360 which as part of the Entertainment & Devices Division saw a staggering thirty percent growth in revenue for the quarter and an even more staggering 45 percent increase for the whole year.

Sales of the Xbox 360 have assuredly been boosted by the release of the Kinect device, which has already sold millions of units alone.

Kitguru says: Microsoft and Apple leading the way in tough economic times.

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  • Lancaster

    Xbox 360 is still selling like hotcakes. Ive had 4, since 3 died. wonder if they all count 😉