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Microsoft falter – tablet OS delayed until 2012

There is no doubting that in the desktop market, Microsoft have the lions share of sales figures. Sadly, the Redmond OS giant have failed constantly to make an impact in the mobile sector. The latest news just in suggests that Microsoft are delaying their tablet operating system, until 2012.

Bloomberg have also hinted that the Windows Operating system designed specifically for tablets will be delayed until the 2012 ‘back to school’ season.

Redmond have not yet said anything about this reported delay, but from what we hear it would be true. Microsoft really are struggling to not only target the smartphone markets, but the tablet arena has been running firmly in the hands of Apple, since 2010.

Strangely, Microsoft had a tablet ready to rock quite some time ago, but due to internal company politics it was canned before it was even released.

Windows 7 has already been seen on tablets but this OS has not been designed for ARM chips and the company have had a hard time getting it to run well on Intel’s low power X86 processors. Earlier this week Business Insider said that Microsoft would demonstrate tablets running Windows 8 by the end of June.

KitGuru says: Microsoft are struggling to compete in the mobile marketspace.

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