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Chenbro chassis for the extreme builder

Lots of great new products at CeBIT 2011, all of which will be brought to your attention soon enough. We thought we’d also like to bring you some unusual stories as well – stuff you’re never normally likely to see.

Chenbro used to have a large amount of the consumer chassis business. Anyone who bought an Evesham (remember them?) system 10 years ago, would have owned a Chenbro ‘spider’ chassis.

These days, Chenbro’s focus is much more on the commercial side of things – so the following shot has, deliberately, been taken completely out of context.

The lady we asked to stand next to this monster of a chassis is around 5' 6". Enough air flow for you Zardon?

KitGuru says: Not sure what you would do with a chassis that a small person could live in, but it would be fun trying to fill it!

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