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Microsoft release Windows Kinect SDK

Operating system software giant Microsoft have just released a Windows Software development kit for the successful, hot selling Kinect motion sensing controller.

Microsoft have been selling millions of the Kinect controllers over the last months and it is a runaway success story on the Xbox 360. Instead of locking it down to just the console market however Microsoft sensed that some of the most intelligent uses for the hardware were coming from the hacking and modding audience on the Windows platform. The latest SDK release is the clearest indication that Microsoft want people to experiment with the Kinect and to put it to good use.

The Kinect SDK will give developers full access to the sensor, the microphone system and the colour camera sensor. Full access is also given to the tracking system which will prove integral to the software development. Microsoft have also included a hefty documentation system to support the development phase.

Microsoft have sold 10 million Kinect controllers so far, which is a huge figure for such an early phase in a products cycle. With the SDK available we can be sure than many more millions will be sold over the coming months. The price is good and the technology is exciting.

Kitguru says: Right now Microsoft have only supplied the SDK for Windows 7, however the adoption rate for the current Windows platform is high.

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