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Seagate introduces Kinetic HDDs with Ethernet interface

Seagate Technology has introduced its first Kinetic-series hard disk drives for cloud storage applications. The Kinetic HDDs come with their own built-in operating system and can be plugged directly to Ethernet ports, thus, eliminating multiple layers of legacy software and hardware infrastructure. Seagate Kinetic hard drive features 4TB capacity, dual …

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Seagate Kinetic storage is massive and cool

In the business-only section of CeBIT 2014, the folks at Seagate were showing off a massive block of storage that points the way to a very interesting future. KitGuru feels the fabric of Seagate's fibres. Standard desktop systems come with 1TB or 2TB drives. Newer systems come with 3TB or 4TB …

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Microsoft release Windows Kinect SDK

Operating system software giant Microsoft have just released a Windows Software development kit for the successful, hot selling Kinect motion sensing controller. Microsoft have been selling millions of the Kinect controllers over the last months and it is a runaway success story on the Xbox 360. Instead of locking it …

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Microsoft Kinect, some cool mods and uses

The Microsoft Kinect device for the Xbox 360 has been a surprise success story, selling millions of units since it was released. As with many popular pieces of hardware, the modding community are out in full force finding weird and wacky uses for the motion sensing device. Many owners found …

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Hacker breaks Kinect from Xbox – PC control

An amateur hacker has apparently already broken the ties between the Kinetic and the Xbox, allowing the device to be controlled from his Windows based PC. The information was released by a member of the Natural User Interface Group and it shows the motorized tilt being controlled with the moveup …

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Xbox Kinect is not racist: tests confirm

Consumer reports have dismissed the claims that Microsoft's new hands free control platform for the Xbox 360 does not work with people with darker skin tones. The Xbox Kinetic uses cameras and other sensors to track human movements to translate them into onscreen in game actions. Some blogs however have …

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