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Microsoft Kinect, some cool mods and uses

The Microsoft Kinect device for the Xbox 360 has been a surprise success story, selling millions of units since it was released. As with many popular pieces of hardware, the modding community are out in full force finding weird and wacky uses for the motion sensing device.

Many owners found out immediately if you check the room with nightvision you can see the thousands of tiny beams of infrared light sent from the unit to track movement.

Takayuki Fukatsu took the Kinect imaging hacks to a new level by creating an ‘optical illusion’.

YouTube user yankeyan has taught his Kinect to recognize simple objects by using the Kinect drivers exposed by previous hacks, as well as image processing and recognition software.

There are some more which can be seen over here at businessinsider.

KitGuru says: It is early days yet, and many more hacks and mods will be seen in 2011.

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