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Man tries to rob restaurant with iPhone

In one of the weirdest stories we heard over the Christmas holidays, it appears that a man in Connecticut tried to rob a Northern Indian Restaurant, by trying to pass his iPhone off as a handgun. Thankfully there are no applications on the iTunes store to assist robberies, although we know of one that makes some pretty cool noises.

Jereme Taylor, 20, apparently walked into the restaurant last week and pulled out his iPhone, trying to fool people into thinking it was a handgun. Unfortunately for him, the cooks grabbed kitchen knives and confronted the robber, who then broke down and started to apologise for his actions.

Thankfully he didn't have one of these at hand

Taylor then tried to flee but was caught several hours later by police and admitted that he had no gun, but pretended to be wielding one by using his iPhone. When Taylor was questioned it appeared that he was trying to get money for his child. The restaurant staff took pity on him and dropped charged against him, but he is still being charged with attempted robbery and interfering with police.

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