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Microsoft sell 125,000 Kinetic every day for last week

Kitguru has reported on the Microsoft Kinetic success story – they have sold well over 2.5 million units since it launched, incredible figures which has broken all analyst expectations.

Our sources confirmed this morning that Microsoft are actually selling over 125,000 units every day, in the run up to the end of year holiday season. While Microsoft are proud to announce their sale rate, the Playstation Move sale rate has been kept under wraps by Sony in the last few weeks, so we aren’t sure how they are doing recently. We do know that Sony Computer Entertainment of America (SCEA) president and CEO Jack Tretton said one million units have been sold in its first month of availability, but recent results would be interesting as the holiday season is approaching.

So if you haven’t yet dipped into your wallet, what is the fuss all about? There are many videos online showing the Kinetic in action, but we like this video from Tested.com with two rather excitable young gentlemen who are really into the technology.

KitGuru says: Is this on your Christmas wish list? Let us know if you already have one and if you like it.

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  • Tim

    I really like the look of this, a bit of exercise while gaming. Never bought into the nintendo wii deal, the graphics are terrible.

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