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Google Chrome browser on the rise – 9% and growing

Googles Chrome browser seems to be taking hold of a growing portion of the market with latest figures showing a rise to 9.27 percent of the total user base. This climb from 8.5 percent last month is remarkable.

Microsoft Internet Explorer’s popularity is waning, dropping from 59.18 percent to 58.41 percent across the same period of time. Firefox is holding steady at around 22.81 percent. Surprisingly Safari is still growing, from 5.36 percent in October to 5.57 percent for November.

Chrome 7.0 has been the star browser of the month however, helped in part we would assume to the internal use of the Chrome Operating System netbooks by Google employees and computer makers such as Acer and Lenovo.

Chrome OS was due in December, but has been help back for untold reasons – possibly last minute bug fixes and issues found during testing.

Kitguru expects Chrome OS to do very well in 2011 – the more alternatives we have, the healthier the market.

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