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Xbox Kinect is not racist: tests confirm

Consumer reports have dismissed the claims that Microsoft’s new hands free control platform for the Xbox 360 does not work with people with darker skin tones.

The Xbox Kinetic uses cameras and other sensors to track human movements to translate them into onscreen in game actions. Some blogs however have recently claimed that the Kinect is unable to detect dark skin tones. Consume Reports have said that their tests have proved this is incorrect.

They said “Consumer Reports did not encounter this issue with the Kinect and facial recognition when we first tested it. Like the HP webcam, the Kinect camera needs enough light and contrast to determine features in a person’s face before it can perform software recognition and log someone into the game console automatically. At no time did it recognize one player and not the other.”

The Kinect sensor bar features a camera, audio sensors and motion sensing technology that tracks 48 points of movement on the human body.

KitGuru says: Kinetic is now available for purchase, let us know your findings.

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