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GPU Caps Viewer 1.9.4 released

Our good friend JeGX has just released a new version of his GPU Caps Viewer over at Geeks3d.

This version supports all current video cards including the upcoming GTX580.

It is similar to GPUZ but actually offers quite a few more options.

You can grab it directly from their site over here.

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  • Tom

    thats a nice interface, shame it doest seem to list bandwidths etc.

  • Raymond

    Some good ideas in the program. like the layout and demo options.

    Would still need GPUZ though for some info.

  • Henry Gerning

    This is briliant, never even knew it existed. shame about the bandwidth info missing. can it be added?

  • Jonathon

    If this had a few of the bandwidth and other options on GPUz main menu it would replace it for me. i like that info. but this is good too, just needs a bit more work and info on the main page.

  • Ned

    Brilliant tool from geeks. i use it a lot, but I still need GPUZ for the missing info.

  • Tony

    Just downloaded it. shall bookmark that page, loads of goodies in this.