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Synology DS211 NAS Review – the ultimate budget NAS?

Rating: 9.5.

Synology have launched two new products this week, the DS411j which we reviewed several days ago and the DS211 which we are looking at today. The DS411j is a quad drive NAS system supporting up to 8TB and the DS211 is a higher performance dual drive NAS offering a maximum of 4TB.

The Synology DS211 is a mainstream oriented unit which targets the home and small office sectors, retailing at £225 inc vat. It doesn't offer as much storage capacity as the DS411j but the performance differences are reported by Synology to be significant.

Those who are confused with the Synology product naming conventions can use this as a guide:

“+” series = performance range.
standard series (no digit) = mixture of performance and storage.
“j” series = entry level consumer, concerned about capacity but not performance.

DS = Diskstation
First Digit = number of bays
Second numbers = year for the release

Therefore we now know that the DS211 is a member of the standard series, has 2 drive bays and was created for year 2011.


  • Optimal Price/Performance Ratio
  • RAID Protection
  • Windows+Mac+Linux Cross Platform File Sharing
  • Rich Business Features
  • Effortless File Backup
  • Peace of Mind with AES 256-bit Share-level encryption

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  1. What a NAS system for the price ! wow this is going to sell well. those performance figures are high end systems of last year.

  2. holy crap, if this is their new standard range for 2011, I wonder what the performance range will be like !

  3. preordered this on dabs. thanks for the review. just want I need.

  4. Wow these kind of performance figures are normally with products in the 500 price bracket. thats amazing. wonder if they will make a quad version at this speed for a bit more.

  5. I love this company, they are breaking the rules. This will piss off other comapnies like QNAP and buffalo. you just dont get performance like this at the price they are offering. wicked. 10/10

  6. Glad I waited, pre ordered this also.

  7. Fascinating how they sell this for so low a price. the controllers at those speeds are generally expensive.

  8. Really good, shame our local stores dont stock em, I like to see them in the flesh first.

  9. Damn I just bought a buffalo nas and it sucks 🙁 wonder if I can take it back. its so damn slow.

  10. wow, im stunned how good the performance of this is. I need a better network for it however. id be lucky to hit 20mb/s

  11. My boss ordered 4 of these for the offices. very impressive product. I see the chipset is improved significantly. Fantastic pricing.

  12. Please use ‘b’ for bits, and ‘B’ for bytes. Or better spell them out. That would make your charts and narratives much easier to follow. Thanks.

  13. This seems like a good upgrade from their previous product, and prices are staying stable for the same grade of product. Could do with an esata port but thats really a quibble. How well do they cope with 4k format disks tho? they come in either 2tb 2.5tb or 3tb. Man one of these fitted out with a 2.5tb disk and a 4tb disk (thats me sweet for next 2.75years of projected Tv recordings) LOL

  14. Synology have told me that they don’t yet support drives bigger than 2tb. But it is something that will be supported in the future.

    No time frame on it yet, sorry.

  15. Great review and very grateful that you tested the sound levels that the unit makes. It was one of my concerns with this product but the results of your dba testing have now sold me the unit. As I said great review and keep up the good work 🙂