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Asus to release Kinect clone ‘WAVI Xtion’ for PC audience

If you have been eyeing the Kinetic for the Xbox 360, but aren’t willing to move to a console platform, then ASUS might just have the product you want in 2011. Their Kinetic clone will be called the WAVI Xtion and they are planning to showcase it at the CES show next week in Vegas.

The Asus product uses the same PrimeSense technology that Microsoft have been using in their Kinetic device and while we have very little detailed information right now, we can assume with the usual high standard of Asus build quality that this will be a big seller.

Kinect uses a 3-D camera, depth sensors and voice-recognition software to recognize your face, voice and gestures as you move around and talk, without requiring you to hold a controller or wear a headset. You can control on-screen characters in video games simply by talking or moving your body.

Additionally, the device is getting store backing from ASUS and that authors of applications will be able to sell their code to customers in this store. A central hub ideal, which proves to be popular with users. There is no date yet for this store, but ASUS intend to ship the device in Q2 2011.

Developers will have access to the Xtion PRO, a 3D sensing gesture based solution powered by PrimeSense Technology. Asus are making the right move by allowing the developers to get early access to the product before it hits retail. This gives ASUS the benefit of hopefully having software ‘ready to go’ when the product is ready for sale.

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