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Apple’s Market Cap is now $302 billion

It is hard to escape a single day without a news post on Apple. We are as guilty as everyone else, but for a very good reason. This company are one of the largest on the planet. They have passed their latest milestone, with their stock climbing to $330 a share.

Apple have now a market capitalisation of $302 billion which has grown from $222 billion in May last year, putting it slightly ahead of Microsoft at around $219 billion. Microsoft’s market cap today is $240 billion, which means that Apple have stepped up another gear and have pulled away, almost able to challenge Exxon Mobile, with a market cap of $368 billion.

The man who can do no wrong: Apple CEO Steve Jobs

It looks as if they may actually surpass Exxon Mobile in 2011, as Apple are projected to bring in revenue of $88 billion in 2011, putting it also ahead of Microsoft’s estimated $68 billion. Other high powered companies such as Hewlett Packard and IBM are expecting to bring in $129 billion and $99 billion respectively.

With the upcoming iPad 2 and other hot products in line, it look as if 2011 could continue Apple’s climb to the top of the charts.

Kitguru says: I bet you wish you had shares from a few decades ago when they were worth very little. Hindsight can be annoying.

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