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OverclockersUK have something ‘big coming’

OverclockersUK are teasing everyone with news that they have something ‘big’ coming to market.

They just sent us a press release which reads “For quite some time Overclockers UK have been working on a top-secret project, a project soon to be unveiled but not first without a taste. In the following link, you will be able to get a glimpse of what you can expect.”

You can see the teaser page on their site, over here

Overclockers UK TV - Something Big Is Coming... - YouTubeOverclockers UK TV - Something Big Is Coming... - YouTube (2)

The video is very artistically shot with a lot of quick flashes and intentional pixelation to make it difficult to see, but we think it would be safe to bet that with 8 Pack involved there will be some seriously high end, overclocked systems available to those with deeper pockets. Regardless, its a nice way for OCUK to build up hype. We will share more information, as we get it.

Kitguru says: If we are right and they are snazzy high end preoverclocked systems, will it be enough to take you away from building your own?

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