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PC sales up 4%, Mac sales up 26%

Forbes have issued their latest report which shows that Macintosh sales are outperforming PC sales by a staggering 22% growth.

The PC market sales have increased by 4% which is actually a healthy figure, considering the state of the economy right now. Their figures show however that Apple sales are breaking all expectations.

According to the report, PC sales in the ‘subnotebook’ sector are falling. Apple’s iPad tablet success is hurting big players in the netbook sector.

The Apple Macbook Air has been a huge player in Apple’s growing sales figures. The new Sandybridge version was released a while ago, featuring the latest version of OSX.

While the increase in sales for Apple is positive, the report also highlights the price differences between Mac and PC computers. The average price of a Macintosh computer is $1338, compared to $716 for a PC.

Ben Reitzes, an analyst with Barclays Capital wrote to investors yesterday saying “We believe Apple will continue to gain share in Macs over the long term even as the iPad grows. Given the data and our checks, our estimate for Mac growth of 18% y/y for Apple’s C3Q, may turn out to be conservative even though the global economy appears to be slowing quite a bit.”

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