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HP Touchpad sells out in Germany: £89 in UK

The Hewlett Packard TouchPad was said to be a challenger for the Apple iPad, but sadly it was not to be . They ditched support for WebOS and as we reported yesterday, the tablet dropped in price to $99 in the US, causing a huge influx of sales across America.

According to reports, the Touchpad has already sold out in Germany at a reduced price, and stores in the UK such as Dixons are selling the 16GB version for £89 (was £350), and the 32gb version for £115 (was £450). As of this morning it would appear the 16gb version has sold out, as it is no longer being listed.

The most expensive launch ever: HP Touchpad.

This reduced price is going to cost Hewlett Packard many millions of dollars and they have stopped manufacturing it already. This launch means that it is one of the most expensive launches in history and also one of the shortest. The Microsoft Kin held the record before, after being on sale for 49 days (Touchpad racked up 48 days).

A DSG spokesperson (parent company of PCWorld, Dixons and Curry's) said “The iPad 2 remains our best-selling tablet by some distance.” Talk about rubbing salt into the wounds.

Kitguru says: £115 for a 32gb tablet. A bargain, or a waste of money? Let's hope someone can hack it to support Android.

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