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HP TouchPad refuses to vanish – more spotted in US

Hewlett Packard might have made a very expensive mistake with the release of the HP TouchPad, but it seems that they have turned a financial disaster into a high profile ‘bargain tablet for the masses'. WEB OS might be dead, but the HP TouchPad is still very much alive and …

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HP will bring future updates to TouchPad

The Hewlett Packard Touchpad has been one of the hottest selling pieces of technology in the last month – thanks to the incredible loss generating price reductions. It appears that HP are not ditching support for the tablet however, with updates coming in the future. HP spoke to CNET this …

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HP Touchpad sells out in Germany: £89 in UK

The Hewlett Packard TouchPad was said to be a challenger for the Apple iPad, but sadly it was not to be . They ditched support for WebOS and as we reported yesterday, the tablet dropped in price to $99 in the US, causing a huge influx of sales across America. …

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HP Touchpad killed: but people snap it up for $99

In February, we thought the Touchpad could mount a serious challenge against the Apple iPad. Sadly when it was released the product just wasn't selling, leaving retail stores with huge overstock. With the news that Hewlett Packard had cut support for the platform other stores ditched it completely. HP have …

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HP TouchPad looks stunning, but will it make an impact?

Hewlett Packard are due to release two new webOS driven smartphones and a new TouchPad Tablet PC. The Pre3 and Veer smartphones appear to be highly evolved devices with many customers excited about their release and their new TouchPad device is also a technological feast of wonders. The TouchPad will …

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