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HP will bring future updates to TouchPad

The Hewlett Packard Touchpad has been one of the hottest selling pieces of technology in the last month – thanks to the incredible loss generating price reductions. It appears that HP are not ditching support for the tablet however, with updates coming in the future.

HP spoke to CNET this week and told them that customers can look forward to an ‘over the air' update that will enhance the platform and add functionality and a growing application catalog'. HP did not expand on the comment by offering details, but Kitguru has heard from sources that some of the programs will be updated and several new applications will be added to the device.

Hewlett Packard: making a loss on every Touchpad sold, but seemingly loving the attention

They are offering free applications and games right now, such as the ever popular Angry Bird Rio HD title.

Android development on the tablet is said to be underway by several independent developers and we can be sure that over the coming months there will be builds released which will unofficially support the TouchPad – if you can live with some bugs.

Kitguru says: For people who like playing and tinkering with operating systems and various builds it looks as if the Touchpad is a good, low cost investment.

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