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Apple employee loses prototype iPhone in bar, yet again

This might seem hard to believe, god knows we had a hard time digesting it this morning but according to CNET an Apple employee has left a new iPhone prototype in a bar. A rerun of events from April last year.

The new iPhone is set for launch fairly soon, but according to the report on CNET the phone has been misplaced after testing it outside the Apple campus in a Mexican restaurant in San Francisco, and then sold on Craigslist for $200.

The iPhone was dropped in a bar called Cava22 which offers a ‘live and festive Mexican experience'.

'Would you like an iPhone with that sir?': Cava22 bar, image courtesy of James Martin/CNET

Apple are known to carry out testing, sometimes outside the campus. This is limited to a selected number of employees, and gives them good feedback on various aspects of the phone, outside the laboratory conditions set inside the Apple Campus.

The owner of the bar told CNET “I guess ill have to make my drinks a little less strong.”

When Apple found out they contacted the San Francisco police department and that the company wanted it returned. The phone was tracked thanks to a location tracking system built into the phone and located in a single family home in Bernal Heights, a location in San Francisco. Strangely, when the house was searched it was not found and the house owner said he didn't have it.

Kitguru says: Apple have not yet commented on the loss of the phone, subsequent sale and events surrounding the misplacement but it is sure to be embarrassing. Staff are meant to be guarding these phones at all times, especially when in public locations.

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