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HP TouchPad refuses to vanish – more spotted in US

Hewlett Packard might have made a very expensive mistake with the release of the HP TouchPad, but it seems that they have turned a financial disaster into a high profile ‘bargain tablet for the masses'.

WEB OS might be dead, but the HP TouchPad is still very much alive and kicking.

The TouchPad was dropped in price both in the US and UK to £80/$100, were it quickly sold out, in the space of a few weeks. More stock appeared shortly afterwards and again sold out.

Last night in the states Tiger Direct were selling them again for $149.99. This is a little more expensive than the earlier bargain price point, but it is still a heck of deal if you live in America, or have a friend who will ship you one over to the UK. Just watch Customs charges as they hit hard on everything now.

With people already having hacked Android to run on it, these tablets are very much sought after, especially as a play thing. If you happen to see any sales in the UK with stock still available, please let us know.

Kitguru says: Android is said to run well on the tablet, even though it is far from officially supported.

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