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HP Touchpad killed: but people snap it up for $99

In February, we thought the Touchpad could mount a serious challenge against the Apple iPad. Sadly when it was released the product just wasn’t selling, leaving retail stores with huge overstock. With the news that Hewlett Packard had cut support for the platform other stores ditched it completely.

HP have slashed the price of the $399 tablet to $99 assuredly making a loss in the process – this has caused a huge buying spree. The problem however is the lack of support now for the Touchpad. What about new applications and updates?

This is a point mirrored by Writer Brian Caulfield who said “Don’t do it (buy it). That’s because tablets are all about apps. There are just few hundred apps available for the TouchPad, compared to several hundred thousand for the iPad and for rivals running Android compared to more than 100,000 iOS apps that have been optimized for the iPad and more than 1,000 for tablets running Android (and that figure doesn’t count the several hundred thousand apps built originally for phones that can also run on these devices). Worse yet, with HP killing its entire WebOS product line, there’s no reason to believe more are coming.”

At least Hewlett Packard are offering refunds for people who bought the TouchPad at full price. It has certainly been an expensive experience for the computer giant.

Kitguru says: $99, is it worth it?

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