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A quick peak at the Google Nexus 7

While the debate about whether Samsung copied Apple or Apple copied Samsung rages away in California, Google has decided to put its paw in the water with a low cost tablet of its own. Before our mobile expert Blair McClelland publishes a full, indepth analysis of the tablet within the …

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Google Nexus 7 costs just $152 to build

According to an teardown analysis by IHS iSuppli, the Nexus 7 tablet costs $159.25 to build and manufacture (8 GB model). While the 16 GB model that retails for an additional $50 costs $166.75 to build and manufacture, even though it is identical in every way except for the flash …

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Amazon set to drop Kindle Fire price to $149?

Rumours in recent weeks have been pointing towards a refresh of the 7 inch Kindle Fire tablet coming soon from Amazon; in addition to further mumblings of brand new 8.9″ and 10.1″ models. In an effort to push sales further before the launch of these new tablets, Amazon may drop the current …

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Aakash tablet released in India for £25

Are you finding many tablets in the UK too expensive? Well the new Aakash tablet which is due to be released in India will sell for around £25 (1,750 rupees). The government are planning to support the tablet as a low cost way to help improve education in the country. …

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HP Touchpad killed: but people snap it up for $99

In February, we thought the Touchpad could mount a serious challenge against the Apple iPad. Sadly when it was released the product just wasn’t selling, leaving retail stores with huge overstock. With the news that Hewlett Packard had cut support for the platform other stores ditched it completely. HP have …

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Lies ‘R’ Us? Tough tablet to swallow?

These iPad things seem to be everywhere. Every time a major technology site runs with a rumor about the super-featured iPad 3 coming soon to a retailer near you, that your local store actually gets bombarded with cheap imports – promising an iPad like experience for pennies. KitGuru’s been sent …

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