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Amazon set to drop Kindle Fire price to $149?

Rumours in recent weeks have been pointing towards a refresh of the 7 inch Kindle Fire tablet coming soon from Amazon; in addition to further mumblings of brand new 8.9″ and 10.1″ models. In an effort to push sales further before the launch of these new tablets, Amazon may drop the current price of the Kindle Fire to $149.

Amazon's Kindle Fire could soon be a part of a permanent 25% off sale

Recent reports have hinted that Amazon's tablet has not been doing quite as well recently, with rivals such as B&N's Nook surpassing it in sales in recent weeks. The fact that a joint Google-Asus sub-$200 Android tablet is rumoured to be launched in July is not going to ease Amazon's worries either.

Amazon's Kindle Fire currently runs on a heavily tweaked Android base, so a pure Android tablet from Google would be more appealing to most users; forcing Amazon to drop Kindle prices regardless.

KitGuru says: Is a $50 price drop enough to stay competitive in the soon-to-be very competitive low-end tablet market space?

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