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Carat wishes to help your smartphone see through the night

Battery life is an ever-diminishing figure in today's smartphones and a new application called Carat hopes to help your phone last another few hours on each charge. This isn't your typical battery extension app however, this one has been created by researchers at Berkeley. Carat uses crowd-sourced data from thousands of users and incorporates this data with your own to give results on how to prolong battery life.

From the application's description:

“As you use your device, Carat occasionally takes measurements and sends them to our backend servers in the cloud, where we apply cutting-edge algorithms to determine what steps you can take to use less energy. By collecting snippets of non-personal data from a large number of devices, Carat does not need to run continuously in the background. Nothing we collect identifies you, personally.”

I've been using this personally over the weekend and not many suggestions have appeared just yet. However, the developers state clearly that users should wait a week and recommendations will start to appear.

The free app is available for Android and iOS devices from their respective app stores.

KitGuru says: If this can actually put an extra leg on a phone's battery life, we're all for it.

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