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Anonymous plan BART protest today at Civic Center Station

Anonymous have been one of the most active organisations in 2011, causing headaches for many companies and government bodies. Today they are planning another protest at 5pm in the Civic Center Station in Downtown SF.

The movement has its own Facebook page, called #opBART and it is becoming increasingly active. The group of hacktivist users want to keep applying pressure until BART officials will admit they were wrong for disabling the cell phone service in underground stations to try and stop an earlier planned protest.

They also want apologies issued to the public and for the transit agency’s spokesman to be removed from his position. He defended the cutoff and has spoken out against ‘cyber thugs’.

Anonymous have targeted organisations and businesses who they consider to be suppressing ‘free speech’. They also claim to fight for internet freedoms.

The previous protest on 15th August was seen as a success and Peter Fein, 33, a computer programmer who has revealed his identity said “This is as good as a protest gets. There were no arrests, no extensive injuries, no damages. This is how it should be.”

You can read more about this at local newspaper website SFGATE

Kitguru says: Anonymous, fighting for people’s rights?

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