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Cheap 8GB iPhone 4 on the way

Reuters have published a news report quoting two unknown sources who claim that there will be an 8GB iPhone 4 released in the near future.

The 8GB flash drive is being manufactured by a Korean company, although the source and manufacturing company have not been mentioned. Apple at this point source flash drives from Toshiba and Samsung, which would mark a change in supplier.

The sources do not want to be identified yet due to the information not being made public as yet, clearly fearing for their jobs. Apple obviously have declined to comment on the subject and are probably trying to locate the moles right now.

An 8GB iPhone makes sense, especially as the price will be lower and more tangible for a certain portion of the prospective audience who don’t need high storage capacity. Others claim that it will still not achieve a sub $200 price point, meaning that a new phone would need to be developed for emerging markets.

They also claim a September release date for the iPhone 5, which reportedly has a larger touch screen, better antenna system and 9 megapixel camera.

Kitguru says: We wonder how much the price will be reduced, between 16GB and 8GB models.

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