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Samsung apologises to Chinese customers with free repairs

Samsung have been under attack from the China state run broadcaster CCTV. In a recent 30 minute television program Samsung were criticized for shipping sub standard components in their Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III smartphones sold on the Chinese market.

The show also discussed how poorly the company handled warranty and repair claims for the devices as well as the high cost of repairs that didn't work properly.

Samsung say they are welcoming of the media attention and has said the problem is to do with management problems, subsequently offering apologies to their customer base in China. Samsung said they will be repairing the two smartphones for free and they will offer refunds to people who have already paid for repairs.

They will also replace units for free if the devices still fail to work even after being repaired twice.

Kitguru says: Seems the media pressure has worked wonders for the China user base.

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  1. Any company should treat their customers fairly regardless of who the customers are or where they come from. Not doing so will backfire as in this case. In China like many countries, the repercussions can be drastic if not rectified.