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Sapphire address Select Club Promotion Giveaway notification dates

A handful of our readers recently contacted us via email, our forum and Facebook page to say that they received an email from the Sapphire Select Club  – with an offer to get into the Loadout Closed Beta.

They were complaining that they only received the email in early June, but the date in the email said that the promotional offer had to be activated by 31st May. Without a Doctor Who time machine at hand this seemed impossible.

Fwd RE sapphire select club -
One our readers sent over a screenshot of his email (above) to explain the issue further.

We chatted with Sapphire recently about the concerns and they have confirmed that the activation date should say June 30th – so obviously a system email glitch on some level. It does happen!

Kitguru says: still plenty of time to get into the closed beta!

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