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Sony president confirms PS4 region free, upgradeable HDD

While Sony might be riding on a wave of good publicity from its announcements at E3, Twitter has also been abuzz from comments made by the president of Sony Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, who said that the console would be region free.

It was a simple tweet, but those are often the best: “And yes, PS4 is region free,” he said. This prompted a flurry of compliments from fans, all suggesting that the PS4 had dominated the E3 showing and would do so when the console is launched during the Christmas period this year.

His face seems to say, “what else you got, Microsoft?”

However he wasn’t done yet. One final announcement came before a he spent a while responding to compliments on his company’s business practices. He said, “And yes, PS4’s HDD is upgradeable like PS3.” This is another feature that Microsoft’s Xbox One won’t support (internally at least, you can still buy more external storage, like the Wii U) giving Sony’s Ps4 another leg up.

Sony managed to do very well throughout the entirety of E3, drawing the most praise (and what sounds like a standing ovation from those attending) by announcing that its next-gen console would support used games and game lending and would not require any form of online activation.

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