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Sensei ‘Transformer style’ furniture may hit retail

An industrial designer Claudio Sibille has designed a new range of furniture that can be switched from simple chairs into a table, offering a variety of uses for a single environment.

The ‘Sensei' is a pair of chairs which can transform seamlessly into a coffee table. The black and white combination of chairs fit together to form a table. The design is clearly based around the ‘ying/yang' principle, a Chinese belief in natural dualities.

Sensei was an accident as much as a design according to Sibille who said it grew from the drawing of abstract forms, ‘random geometrical shapes' he had crafted in AutoCAD. The chairs can be turned on their sides to be transformed easily into a table.

The chairs measure 76cm high, 44.5 cm in width and 51cm deep. The table is 51cm tall, 116cm wide and 44.5 cm deep. The Sensei project is still a prototype for now, but it is possible that it may develop into a commercial product, with the right backing.

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