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Smartphone ownership rises to 58.7 million in USA

Samsung Electronics are riding high in the USA as they maintain their market share growth in the US mobile phone sector. Research in Motion, famous for the Blackberry handsets are losing marketshare in the smartphone operating system market.

For the three months which ended in September, Samsung hold their position at the top sales position among handset makers, increasing their marketshare to 23.5% (from 22.8% in previous months).

In the smartphone operating system sector Research In Motion’s shares dropped to 37.3% from 40.1% while Google’s Android shows strength by gaining ground to 21.4% of the market. Google Android is one of the fastest growing platforms in the USA, helped by the continued adoption among manufacturers. The Apple platform held steady at 24.3%, unchanged from the last quarterly report.

The most interersting statistic however is that ComScore have said that in the most recent three month period, 58.7 million people in the USA now own a smartphone. This is a 15% increase since the start of the year.

KitGuru says: Smartphone adoption is staggering and we expect to see no decline in sales with Android units hitting the market at competitive prices.

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