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Sony’s So-Net Entertainment subsidiary hacked

Sony seem to be in the press recently for all the wrong reasons and another event took place this week which is sure to lower consumer faith in the brand name. The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that Sony’s So-Net Entertainment subsidiary was hacked by unknown sources, who made off with $1,200 of virtual points.

The hacker stole the points from 128 accounts and was able to read email from 90 accounts, the Associated Press said.

The attack was discovered on Wednesday following customer complaints and it cut off the IP address behind the 10,000 attempts to break into the system. A So-Net spokesman also said that it was unlikely the hack was related to the other attacks on the Playstation 3 network over the last month. This particular hack took place at the start of the week over 48 hours and there is still no evidence to suggest that hackers stole addresses, names or phone numbers.

KitGuru says: Sony will be silently cursing this unrelated attack because it couldn’t have happened at a worse time.

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  • Eric

    poor Sony, its a never ending bitchslap this month