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Virgin Media lose 36,000 customers in 3 months

Virgin Media have been recently trialing a mega fast new 1.5Gbps service in the UK, which has taken some of the heat from unhappy customers complaining about their standard of service.

As detailed in a new report on The Register, Virgin Media have lost 36,000 customers in the three months ending 30th June. According to the article they aren’t that concerned as they are “lower-value single and dual-play”.

According to the companies Investor Center they were happy to lose some of their customer base in return for gaining people who wanted ‘superior services’.

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Virgin Media said “The value and mix of our customer base continues to improve as we focus on growing triple and quad-play penetration and improving the proportion of customers on higher tiers of services.

The number of triple and quad-play customers has increased by 2.6 per cent in the last 12 months, whilst the number of single and dual-play customers has decreased by 3.5 per cent over the same period.”

Virgin Media now have a user base of 4.78 million people, which is down a little from Q1, when they had 4.8 million customers.

Revenue in the second quarter increased to £985.8 million from £964.2 million in the same period a year previous.

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