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MSI’s Joran showcases new Kaby Lake motherboard features

We managed to get some time with MSI's motherboard Guru Joran. He gave us a run down of some of the new features on their Intel Kaby Lake motherboards, as well as a sneak preview of a pair of upcoming AMD chipset motherboards.

Single button settings for a DDR4 boost is one thing, but the idea that a relative novice can go inside the latest version of OC Genie, ‘press a button' and have a Kaby Lake processor running smoothly at 5.2GHz, is certainly interesting. The idea of automatic overclocking is not new to MSI (or other board manufacturers), but the interface now sports a dial that goes to '11' which is a clear sign that MSI have a sense of humour – linking it to legendary comedy rock film Spinal Tap (HERE). Not sure I would want to be running my new processor 24/7 at just over 1.5 volts however! (see video for more on this).

If you want to see more on the new MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard then read Luke's full anaysis published last week, over HERE. You can also see Luke's in depth testing and his views of manual and automatic overclocking of this particular MSI board on THIS page, when paired up with an i7 7700k.

How stable a 5.2GHz Kaby Lake chip will be is something that will need plenty of testing – the same goes for how much you'll need to spend on an after market cooler, but – for now – the demo is impressive.

Also on show were a pair of AMD chipset boards, although no demos were allowed and information was limited – see for yourself.

Watch via our VIMEO Channel (Below) or over on YouTube at 1080p HERE.

KitGuru says: The ease and size of the overclocks being made available with Kaby Lake (be it Turbo Boost or through a 3rd party tool) has us wondering how much damage specialist system builders like Overclockers and Armari have inflicted on Dell and HP's high margin workstation business models. 

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