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85mph Ford Focus electric car hits the UK

The electric version of the world's best selling car has hit the UK. It can run on battery power for up to 100 miles between charges and has a top speed of 85mph – enough for motorway cruising.

Sadly the asking price of £28,500, after a government grant will prove too much for most people. This is twice as much as the cheapest petrol powered Focus car.

Around 4,500 electric cars have been sold in the UK since the £5,000 grant scheme launched in January 2011.
A Ford Focus electric car at the Geneva Auto Show

Motoring experts have been raving about the new electric Ford Focus calling it ‘a great new electric car to be enjoyed and savoured' with ‘excellent driving dynamics'.

The car will have to tackle the BMW i3, which has a range between 80 and 100 miles and will be around £3,000 less expensive – priced at £25,680 after the government's grant.

Kitguru says: The government said this week that every new car sold in 2040 should be an electric or hydrogen model, in order to cut out carbon emissions.

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