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Scientists create remote control backpack for dogs

There is no doubt that dog is man's best friend. Between helping blind people to sniffing out explosives and drugs, their willingness to support knows no bounds. Scientists at the Alabama Auburn University are taking it one stage further by developing a control system to help guide them in specific situations.

David Bevly and Jeff Miller are mechanical engineers and they came up with a system comprising a microprocessor, GPS receiver, wireless radio and attitude/heading device. These are all worn on the back of the dog. A command module emits both audio and vibrations to help guide the dog after training.

Dogs using the system have shown an increase of 87 percent in obedience accuracy.

The system works to guide dogs to preconfigured GPS locations although the potential for real time commands is high. The backpack kit is to be used when the human handler is unable to physically accompany the animal. More information on this is available over here.

Kitguru says: We can't help but feel carrying all that gear must be uncomfortable for the poor dog.

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