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Android gets BitTorrent share ‘n’ sync tool

The new BitTorrent share ‘n’ sync tool called BitTorrent Sync has been released after Alpha testing, available to download for Android devices. Having used the Alpha for a short while, I can say there really isn’t much in the software to make it stand out from competitors such as DropBox.

The software however can be installed on many NAS systems which are powered by Linux, capable of running applications. This may prove useful to a small audience of power users. BitTorrent says the Android App can allow a mobile device to access NAS contents while allowing it to write data directly to the drives.

There is a list of NAS already available that can support this additional feature, including the excellent Synology Ds110j, Ds210j. DS211j, DS213+ (custom build), DS211, DS411j, DS712+, DS713+, DS411 slim, DS-411+,DS411+II, DS412+. The RaspBerry Pi is also listed, which is good to see.

Kitguru says: We would love to hear from any users currently playing with this software. Good or bad?

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