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BBC Staff have lost £750,000 of gadgets in 3 years

It seems someone associated with the BBC has light fingers, because according to a report posted on the guardian, they have lost goods worth £750,000 since 2010.

The report says that the BBC have lost 785 laptops, tablet computers and mobile phones in the last three years. A Freedom of Information request revealed the shocking findings.

The 399 laptops were worth £589,500, 347 mobile phones worth £104,100 and 39 tablets worth £58,500. The light fingered thieves have lifted 350 laptops in 2012, compared against 259 in 2011. These figures include personal property lost by BBC staff which wouldn’t be covered by license fee funds.

The BBC have confirmed that 170 corporation issued laptops and tablets were lost or stolen in 2012, which has cost the license fee payer £255,000.

They said “We are very mindful that this equipment is paid for from the licence fee and we make every effort to keep theft and loss to a minimum. The BBC has implemented a number of measures to reduce the level of crime.”

Kitguru says: Let us hope there wasn’t any sensitive company information on the stolen/lost goods, or the BBC could potentially lose more than the cost of the hardware.

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