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Computex: ADATA clearer branding, shows new products

One of the biggest problems ADATA claimed it has had with regards to its product branding has been that it have been lacking a clear strategy, with many of its products looking identical with the expectation of the model name. This has recently started to change and the company was keen to point out the difference too us at Computex, alongside showing us a few new and upcoming products.

From now on ADATA will offer three distinct series of products, the Premium, the Premium Pro and XPG – the latter of which has until now only really been targeting gamers – and they will come in three different colours, blue, silver and gold to make it easier for consumers to differentiate between them.

ADATA did of course have some new products on display as well; the one that really caught our eye was the new DW09 Wi-Fi reader, as it’s quite different from what ADATA has done so far. It’s intended for use with the iPad and iPhone, but it should also work with other Wi-Fi enabled devices. It allows you to access SD cards and USB storage devices wirelessly and it even has a built in battery which is good for three hours of continues usage. As an added bonus, the DW09 can also work as a Wi-Fi router thanks to a built in Ethernet port or as a USB card reader for a computer. At 60x50x25mm and 52g the DW09 is pocket friendly as well as portable.

Continuing on the storage theme, ADATA was also displaying its upcoming DashDrive Elite HE720 which is enclosed in an 8.9mm thick brushed steel casing and sports a one-touch backup button. Alongside the more affordable DashDrive HV610 both models sport USB 3.0 connectivity.

ADATA only had one new SSD to show off the SX910 which is pretty much identical to the SX900 but uses different NAND flash and as such comes with a five year warranty rather than the three years the SX900 carries.

For those interested in maxing out their motherboard with fast memory, ADATA is about to launch some new “gaming” modules rated at 2400MHz with timings of 10-12-12-31 at 1.65V. The thing here is that Adata will sell the modules in 16GB kits consisting of a mere two 8GB DIMMs, so in other words, four of these will get you 32GB in your shiny new Z77 board.

Also on display was a pair of mSATA SSD’s, the SX300 and SP300, the first being a SATA 6Gbps model intended for upgrading various Ultrabooks and notebooks with and the second being a SATA 3Gbps model intended for hard drive caching.

Finally ADATA also had a Thunderbolt drive on display, but this product isn’t likely to launch until later this year and a lot of things may change before then.

The company did of course also have a wide range of “novelty” USB drives on display, alongside the rest of its already launched product range.

Kitguru says: Hopefully ADATA’s new branding will make it easier for consumers to choose the right product from the company, but we’ll have to wait and see how things progress as this new branding roll out across its entire range of products.

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