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Gigabyte demo 2000W CPU socket power delivery

How do you best demonstrate what 32-phases of power regulation can do? Well, if you’re Gigabyte, you hook up a pair of 1200W power supplies and wire up the board to three DC load testers and pull an insane 2000W through the CPU socket. According to Gigabyte, this is enough …

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Computex: Motherboard overload

We’ve written about a fair few of the new motherboards on display at Computex, but we haven’t even touched upon some of the smaller board makers, nor have we covered all of the products from the bigger guys. Take a deep breath and follow KitGuru down the rabbit hole for …

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Computex: Asus shows off ThunderboltEX card

The TB_Header on Asus’ recently launched Z77 and H77 motherboard cause a lot of confusion at first, but once the company announced it was working on an add-in card that would allow users to upgrade these boards with Thunderbolt support, things became a lot clearer. At Computex the company was …

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Computex: ADATA clearer branding, shows new products

One of the biggest problems ADATA claimed it has had with regards to its product branding has been that it have been lacking a clear strategy, with many of its products looking identical with the expectation of the model name. This has recently started to change and the company was …

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Computex: Synology shows off the DiskStation DS213air

Someone at Synology had a stroke of genius as far as the upcoming DiskStation DS213air is concerned, as it’s the first consumer level NAS/router with Wi-Fi that we’re aware of. It looks like your average DiskStation product from Synology, but for some it’ll remove the hassle of having multiple devices …

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Computex: VTX3D shows off new graphics cards

It’s not easy being a smaller player in the graphics card market, yet VTX3D seems to somehow manage to offer competitive products at much lower prices than the competition. At Computex the company unveiled a pair of new pre-overclocked models that should come in at pricing similar to the competitions …

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