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Computex: VTX3D shows off new graphics cards

It’s not easy being a smaller player in the graphics card market, yet VTX3D seems to somehow manage to offer competitive products at much lower prices than the competition. At Computex the company unveiled a pair of new pre-overclocked models that should come in at pricing similar to the competitions standard clocked models.

First up we have the Radeon HD 7770 X-Edition which comes with the core at 1,150MHz which is a 150MHz factory overclock, with the 1GB of GDDR5 memory is clocked at 1,250MHz or 5GHz effectively. The card features the standard rear port layout with two DisplayPorts, DVI and HDMI. We don’t know the exact pricing, but VTX3D told us it should be a very cost competitive card.

Next up we have the Radeon HD 7870 X-Edition which has a slightly more modest core overclock at 1,100MHz which is only a 100MHz factory overclock. The memory has also received a 100MHz overclock for an effective clock speed of 4.9GHz, compared to 4.8GHz for the stock cards. A heat-pipe cooler is of course part of the package here, but the interesting thing about this card is the short length PCB as most of the competition is using the longer PCB for their overclocked cards. Again, no word on pricing, but both of these models should be available shortly.

VTX3D’s “mother company” TUL was also showing off some products, although for a very different market. One card that caught our eye was a card for the industrial market. There are two interesting things about this card, first it has no less than six mini DisplayPort connectors and secondly it’s using a multi-chip module packaging for the Radeon E6760 GPU where the memory is fitted to the GPU packaging.

Kitguru says: TUL showed off a range of similar products with a wide range of display output options for those that need something out of the ordinary.

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