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Computex: PowerColor Devil 13 HD7970 X2

While many believe that AMD's own design for the fast card the company has ever made won't be available until closer to Q4, Powercolor is using Computex 2012 to showcase a dual-7970 design which it will brand under the ‘Devil 13' logo. KitGuru genuflects in order to save its Immortal soul.

Based on what we've seen over the past 5 years at trade shows and previews across the world, Powercolor has put an awful lot of effort in the whole ‘X2' concept. Along the way, There have been times when Powercolor was the only company to have an X2 variant of a specific pair of AMD Radeon GPUs. The reason is obvious – creating dual graphics solutions is a right pain in the rear end (in terms of engineering effort) and the actual market for the end product is relatively small.

But that has not put Powercolor off. Not one bit. The first thing you notice about the card is that it is huge.

The next thing is that the logo and graphic design around the packaging are gorgeous. Lastly, you see that in the live demo, Powercolor is keen to use an supporting arm to keep the weight off the PCI Express slot.

KitGuru says: At the point when we were shown around the card, the engineering guru was already in another meeting – so we were not able to grill for specifics, but the young lady we spoke with said that it would be a limited edition. With no more than 1,000 units available worldwide. Should you wait for AMD's reference X2 design or ‘better the devil you know'?

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