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Display Taiwan: Chunghwa Picture Tubes transparent displays, high PPI mobile displays

Besides what we’ve already written about, CPT also showed off a range of other display products at Display Taiwan this year. Some of the goodies include a transparent display, a reflective display, a high PPI count mobile display and of course some 3D displays as well as a couple of Pixel Qi displays.

As far as CPT’s co-operation with Pixel Qi is concerned, nothing really new was on display, but we’re still impressed with the technology and hopefully the two companies can come up with some higher-end displays. That said, the 10.1-inch model with 1280×800 resolution should be ideal for a tablet/e-reader type product, but it seems to be hard to win customers over.

CPT has been moving up in terms of sizes when it comes to 3D displays and the company is offering a few models where the 3D can be switched on and off at sizes up to 7-inches. The downside is that the standard 2D image quality isn’t that great and even in 3D mode; these displays simply do not look fantastic, especially compared to CPT’s own 3D only displays.

More impressive then is CPT’s new 4.5-inch “high resolution” display for mobile devices. It’s a fairly typical 1280×720 resolution display with a PPI/DPI count of 329, just ahead of Apple’s retina display. As you can see from our close up, you can clearly read text down to 10 pixels on the screen, which is pretty impressive. It’ll be interesting to see who CPT partners up with as we would expect to see this display in at least some smartphones within the next year.

Next up we have a couple of oddities, a transparent display and a reflective display. We’re actually not entirely sure as to when you’d want to use either, as both displays were hard to read even under controlled lighting. So far it seems like transparent displays are mostly being used in advertising related products, but we’re not sure what the reflective display will be used for, unless you want your email displayed on your mirror as you’re having a shave/wash in the morning.

Kitguru says: Overall some interesting developments from CPT, but it’s pretty clear that the company isn’t one of the major players in the display market.

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