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Display Taiwan: Chunghwa Picture Tubes – widescreen display for car dash

Cars have been moving towards using electronic dash boards for some time now, although CPT seems to want to take things to the next level by fitting a wide screen LCD display in the dash of your next car.  The company was displaying a new 12.1-inch display at Display Taiwan 2012 with a rather unusual resolution.

The TN panel in the new display will hardly impress hardened PC users, but considering it’s only there to display your speedometer and rev counter, as well as whatever other useful information that’s needed such as the fuel gauge and so on, this is the least of its issues. The anti-glare coating seemed to work very well, although this was in an indoors environment, so it would be interesting to see how well it works in an actual car.

CPT went for an unusual resolution of 1280×420 pixels which gives it an odd aspect ratio of 64:21. The display has a contrast ratio of 400:1, a brightness of 750 nits and a response time of 20ms. It’s an interesting idea and we’re sure we’ll see it in some concept cars at a motor show in the future, but we’re not sure it’s something that will make it into a production car any time soon.

Kitguru says: Replacing good old analogue dials with an LCD screen might be the way forward for luxury cars, but the rest of us will have to make do with a GPS if we want an LCD screen in our cars.

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